“int Nature brilliant?”

Recently, when thinking and talking about nature, I’ve been reminding myself of ‘brilliant kid’, the Fast Show character… http://bit.ly/NySetQ (You Tube clip with sound).

This morning as we (my 5 year old & I) flew our new kite, we marvelled at how the wind buffeted it throwing it in one direction and then the next – making it dance and dive in the sky.  There’s something very beautiful about seeing the wind… http://bit.ly/SE6q1c (You Tube clip with sound).

Later we sat and admired our 40 mile view towards the coast watching the advancing storm whilst awaiting the appearance of rainbows.  This place we now call home has the most amazing rainbows which span the valley beneath us… http://bit.ly/PwQRrX  (thanks for the photo Jo @iLoveLomi)

But it’s not just the weather making me appreciate the awesomeness of Nature, it’s the wildlife, the birdlife and the plantlife…

Rabbits, pheasants, geese, stoats, squirrels, buzzards, oystercatchers and curlews (just to mention the few that I’ve actually seen and can identify)…  I’ve never noticed so much wildlife!  Perhaps it’s because it hasn’t been there.  Or… more likely… it’s because I haven’t been there.  I haven’t been present enough to either notice or appreciate it.  I have been wondering if it’s because there’s so much more wildlife here in North Yorkshire, but actually when I’ve been making my trip West on the A59 each week to return to Lancashire to work I’ve noticed much of the wildlife there too, which leads me to think – as I’ve already said… it’s always been there – it’s just that I haven’t!

One of the things I love to hear here is the cuckoo which lives in the woods behind our new home!  How often have you heard a cuckoo?    We’re lucky enough to hear one almost daily making its distinctive call… http://bit.ly/N9QlUB  Making me think of all the other animals we hear, or see evidence of, but don’t actually see… owls, bats, foxes, etc.

Whilst out walking, we’ve taken to picking a few wildflowers… perhaps more aptly described as weeds (didn’t someone once say “one man’s flowers are another man’s weeds” 😉 and I’ve been feeling somewhat disappointed about the lack of flowers growing in ‘our’ woods.  When I say our woods, I mean the woods we have adopted as ours, the pine woods behind our home… the same woods in which yesterday we found no less than 8 types of flower growing in a 200 metre walk!  I’ve noticed that as I look to collect flowers to add to my bouquet (grander than it sounds, but beautiful non-the-less!), so I notice more types of flower… flowers that appear at first glance to be forget-me-nots turn out to be speedwells (check out the cool search on www.wildflowerfinder.org.uk where you can search colour, number of petals, stem shape, month found, etc. to identify your flowers).

I find that picking a few flowers & putting them in a vase, allows me to really appreciate the beauty of them as I can see them up close and notice their intricacies.  In a similar way growing & eating our own vegetables makes us appreciate them all the more…

Since we began our new ‘life in the country’ (not that we were living in the city before!) we’ve planted some veggies …my husband and 5 year old have made a couple of raised beds and planted seeds.   I know that people grow things all the time, but for some reason I’m absolutely awestruck that we have carrots, lettuce, beans and sweetcorn growing… from seeds… yes, SEEDS… right outside our door that we can just pick and eat!  OK, so you don’t find that quite as amazing as I do, but as someone who can’t keep a houseplant alive for more than a couple of weeks…I really do!

So, not really sure where I’m going with this blog other than “int Nature brilliant!”  I’m loving my ‘awakening’ & just felt the need to share it!

I was wondering today if connecting with nature and in this way is giving me similar benefits to those I receive from meditation.  I know that the more time I spend appreciating what I see in nature… the more I see and the more time I want to spend there.  It’s self perpetuating!


  • What of nature do you appreciate?
  • When was the last time you were awestruck by nature?
  • How much do you make time to connect with our natural world?

I’d love to hear from you… either by leaving a comment here or @ThePensiveCoach


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passionate learner, eternal optimist, lover of real conversations, proud mum, frustrated traveller, (previously!) wannabe blogger, serial career changer, meditation teacher, coach & facilitator
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