A serious case of the owls…

So, I have a serious case of the owls…

Everywhere I look there are owls… owl bags … owl purses …owl cards …owl ornaments …owl cushions.  Is it me or are owls taking over the world? 

I started to notice owls the other week, seeing a picture @TheBivouac with the poem…

“A wise old owl lived in an oak
the more he saw the less he spoke
the less he spoke, the more he heard
why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?”

Then as I drove home from a party in mid September a wood owl was sitting on a post & flew up as we drove by.

Since then I’ve continued to notice the non-real variety everywhere I look …owl tshirts …owl crockery …owl books …owl pens …owl picture frames and then last week when I visited my mum she said ‘there’s an article I’ve kept for you to read’ and when she brought the magazine to me it had the most beautiful picture of a snowy owl on the front!

As if all that wasn’t enough of an owl overload… this week an owl has started to come & sit on our roof… right above my head in the night & wake me with its ‘ho-hoo-hoo-ooooo’!

So, I’m thinking there’s a message here for me!  Are you with me on this one?  It could just be a case of the ‘green mini syndrome’ (see previous blog post ‘Raising Consciousness’), but every time I put the idea of blogging about owls out of my head I see or hear another one!

Just now as I started to pull this blog together my nephew came up to the house with my mum & I noticed an owl on his jumper!

So, I’m going with it.  I’m no longer fighting my intuition, I’m just going to write the blog that’s been ‘twit twooing’ at me for the last two months!

So, what is the message for me?  What do owls symbolise?

The first thing I noticed in my reading about owls was the number of times ‘sight’ was mentioned…

  • foresight – early Indian folklore saw the owl as symbolising powers of prophecy
  • true sight – “if the owl guide has appeared to you, it may be bringing you the ability to see what others may miss”
  • insight – for self, and for others; “What use is the gift of insight if it is not shared?  Use your sight helping others to discover the meanings of life messages that surround them, but like the beat of the owl’s wings you must be gentle in sharing your wisdom, and subtle about its delivery. If all goes well the subject of your gaze may not even be aware that you are giving them valuable advice.”
  • …related to intuition – easily able to intuit deeper reasoning and meaning (or messages) “Listen carefully to that inner voice and be guided to recapture the knowledge of your true path in life.”
  • vision
  • a still silent observer
  • and I love this one ‘a seer of souls’ (see previous blog ‘My Tears are my Soul’s Truth’)

So, what am I taking from this?

Trust my insight & intuition & share it gently with others.

Observe my mind – become more aware – be ‘in’ my senses more.  All very current as I’m reading ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.

Continue along my path to explore my personal vision, something I’ve been thinking a lot about this week… I was wondering what’s my version of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream…’ speech?  Some of you may have seen my tweet out about it!

Owl symbolism also talks of expanded awareness, truth, inner voice, transition, change and enlightenment, some of the quotes I picked out…

  • To hear the hoot of an owl symbolizes a disconnection with your inner voice. Your conscious and unconscious minds are out of synch
  • Owl’s senses pierce through shadows, beyond fear and darkness, through to the other side that promises light, happiness and knowledge
  • Owl is often thought to come to those who need to let go of some part of their life that is no longer needed

What am I taking from this?

Keep meditating …connecting my conscious and unconscious minds (or my head and my heart) & trying to bring more moments of connectedness into my daily life outside of my meditations.

Keep meditating …to move through fear.

Keep meditating …to let go of those things that no longer serve me!

And finally owls symbolise intelligence, wisdom & learning.  They were the favorite bird of Athene the Greek Goddess of wisdom and learning.

What am I taking from this?

Perhaps just to keep reading, keep intuiting meaning, keep learning, keep writing.

I also read some things about owl symbolism which didn’t really resonate with me, words such as mystery and secrets and wondered what they had to do with me – I’m not very mysterious – much too open for that!  But then when I thought about them more I wondered if perhaps those words relate to my spiritual journey and the mystery still surrounding it for me.

So, now I’ve finally written my blog there’s a lot in there for me to take away & as usual I didn’t know what the messages were going to be until the writing revealed them… the reason I blog (see previous blog ‘What’s in a Name?’)

There was one other thing I read & loved, which didn’t neatly fit with any of the categories, but wanted to include…”The owl…an animal soul-spirit linked to a spiritual person via a unique, communicative bond” as it spoke to me of soul, of spirit of communication and connection… all things which are really important to me.


  • What are you ignoring that just won’t go away?
  • What are your senses telling you to explore?
  • What methods do you use to find meaning?

I’d love to hear your thoughts… either by leaving a comment here or on twitter @ThePensiveCoach


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passionate learner, eternal optimist, lover of real conversations, proud mum, frustrated traveller, (previously!) wannabe blogger, serial career changer, meditation teacher, coach & facilitator
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