How Stress Feels


Stomach churning
Thoughts racing through my head
Not enough hours, minutes,  seconds in the day to focus on one thing

Indigestion (see above comment on focus!)
Heart racing
Like I can’t stop but desperate for it to end

Wanting to be present with my kids but instead being short tempered
Disconnected from my family
Disconnected from me
Constantly tired
Sleeping but never refreshed
No energy
No patience
No life

This isn’t living! 
This isn’t what we’re here for! 
To feel the clock ticking life away

Life is for living
For savoring every moment – making each minute last for 10
For being present,  connected, full of joy,  love,  energy,  creativity

Not doing but being
Not striving but allowing
Not running but sitting under a tree

Walking in the wet grass barefoot
Staring at the stars in awe
Watching the clouds blow by

Stillness, silence, spaciousness
Achieved, for me… 
Through meditation

  • How does stress feel to you?
  • What would living look and feel like to you?
  • What helps you let go of stress to really live?

I’d love to hear your thoughts… either by leaving a comment here or on twitter @ThePensiveCoach



About Jo Royle

passionate learner, eternal optimist, lover of real conversations, proud mum, frustrated traveller, (previously!) wannabe blogger, serial career changer, meditation teacher, coach & facilitator
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