Who is this?

Who is this?
Yelling, telling me I’m not good enough
Criticising me, judging me, kicking me down
Commanding… do more, want more, buy more, have more
Push, strive, compete
Shouting at me, all consumed – by scarcity

Who is this?
Quiet, humble, full of grace
Brimming with love & joy, seeing beauty all around
Needing nothing, already whole
Allowing, accepting, observing
Whispering… let go… trust… go with the flow

Both me
My ego and the infinite me…
my spirit… my soul… my essence…

  • Who is the real you?
  • Which you are you living your life from?
  • What might you do to live life with more love, joy, energy, creativity and security?

I’d love to hear your thoughts… either by leaving a comment here or on twitter @ThePensiveCoach



About Jo Royle

passionate learner, eternal optimist, lover of real conversations, proud mum, frustrated traveller, (previously!) wannabe blogger, serial career changer, meditation teacher, coach & facilitator
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